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Free ISPF query tool for DB2 z/OS

Background to the ISPF query tool

I wrote the ISPF-based query tool for DB2 z/OS some years ago out of frustration with the clumsiness of tools such as SPUFI. At the site where I wrote it, it has been in constant use by a number of people for about 5 years. It is greatly loved and SPUFI now hardly ever gets used.

Cardett sells the Advanced Query Tool, as that's how we put food on our plates, but the ISPF query tool is available free, with program source.

For more information, download the system, or read on, for a summary of its features. Full documentation is included, as is all program source.

Main features of the ISPF query tool

  • the program runs on z/OS (ISPF), so runs very fast because it is close to the data source.
  • you can view a table by simply typing the table name (how many hundreds of times have you typed "select * from"? No more).
  • you can easily display all the tables in your system, or within given criteria.
  • you can easily display the definition of a table (eg. columns in the table).
  • you can enter any SQL statement, both Selects and non-select statements.
  • your SQL statement and the results from it are displayed on the same screen. You don’t have to switch between “Edit Query” and “Run Query” modes as you do on many other systems.
  • having displayed the rows of a table / results of a query, you can view the details of an individual row.
  • queries can be saved.
  • you can scroll through a table without limit on the number of rows.
  • if you update a table you will be prompted to commit or rollback. This prevents inadvertent updating of data.
  • you can switch into EXPLAIN mode. Your queries will be Explained without being run. This is useful for checking SQL syntax and for getting cost estimates of various alternatives, without actually running the SQL.

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Download the free ISPF query tool

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