Cardett Associates software developers

Cardett Associates are software developers

We found that some existing utilities didn't really help us in our previous jobs as DBA and LAN Manager, so developed our own. We developed them for our own use, so our software is effective, functional and reliable.

Cardett Associates software developers are based in beautiful Golden Bay, New Zealand.

Our postal address is:

P.O. Box 153
New Zealand

fax +64 3 525-6224

Email Address

You can email us at

Sorry, we don't use "mailto" any more on our site, because of the amount of spam and viruses we have been receiving. We regret this extra work for you, but have to try to reduce the amount of spam and viruses we are being sent.

Support for AQT

Our aim is to provide fast and effective support for AQT, and to reply to emails within 24 hours. Many of the user comments we have republished on the site show that our fast and effective support is appreciated.

We enjoy rockclimbing, mountainbiking, seakayaking, and skitouring. They're all great sports in New Zealand. We find that we think and work better after recharging our batteries outdoors!

Stories from our time off

We're building up links to some of our off-work activities:

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Cardett Associates Ltd, Email:, Address: Box 153, Takaka, Golden Bay, New Zealand 7172