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ANALDIR analyses changes in file and directory size

What is ANALDIR?

Analdir is a file and directory analysis tool. It is designed for the Lan administrator who often faces the question "why are my disks full today when last week we had lots of space?".

How does ANALDIR work?

Analdir works by taking a snapshot of the disk contents, which it stores in an MS Access database (you don't need to have MS Access to run this). A number of queries are supplied to report on this information in a tabular and graphical format.

By comparing data between two different snapshots you can quickly understand what is causing a sudden increase in disk usage. Other reports allow you to identify large files, duplicate files, etc.

Download ANALDIR

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How to purchase an ANALDIR license

We have recently changed to element5 for our online purchasers. The payment process is described below; if you have any particular questions about the payment process you can visit their customer care centre.
You can pay over the Web, or you can pay by credit card or by cheque (which you then post). Your credit card statement will show element5, not Cardett, in the payment details.

The Pay Online method does not have the rules for bulk purchases, so if you want the discount for buying 10 licenses or more you should contact us at
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Where is my Order?

Most payments go though very quickly (in a few hours), but sometimes can take up to 24 hours. If you wish to check on the status of an order, contact element5 or check their online payment-query system, which has a link from their customer care centre.

If you still think your payment has gone astray, check with your bank to see whether your credit card has been debited. Please do not submit your order a second time! If you do this you will probably end up paying twice.

If you are having problems geting registration keys from a recent purchase through Kagi, please contact us at
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Paying by Invoice

Some companies prefer to deal directly with us if they are doing a large purchase, such as a site license. If you wish to do this, the procedure is normally:
  • you need to get a Purchase Order from your accounts department. Send this to us (email is the best).
  • we will then send you an invoice.
  • once the invoice has been settled (normally by check), we will send you the license keys
This is often a time-consuming procedure which is a lot of work for both you and us. Paying online gets you your license faster.
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